In 1900, 500 schoolchildren sang Lift Every Voice and Sing, written by brothers James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson. Those kids grew up and kept the song going. This historical fiction picture book imagines five generations in one family who draw hope and strength from our Black National Anthem.

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Sing a Song: How Lift Every Voice Inspired Generations.

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Lil Alan can't wait to go to the reunion with Daddy and his family. But when he remembers that it's the anniversary celebration, he wonders if he'll ever be able to share what going down home means to him.

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Going Down Home with Daddy.

Jada wants to create change in her school community, but that means dancing - in front of everyone. Can she do it?

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Jada Jones: Dancing Queen.




Jada has the perfect idea for her first sleepover - enjoying science fun with her BFFs. Will it work out just like she planned?

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Jada Jones: Sleepover Scientist.




Jada wants to run for student council, but that means dealing with drama and facing her biggest fear. Can she do it?

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Jada Jones: Class Act.

When Jada's BFF moves away, she faces two big problems - how will she make new friends and create a rock star science project?

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Jada Jones: Rock Star.

This counting story, jumping with rhythm and rhyme, opens with a dinosaur dancing alone. One by one, more dinos join the groove and show off moves from breaking to disco.

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One More Dino on the Floor.

Hope believes in her father's promise that freedom is coming. But with the Civil War raging and him being gone, life just keeps getting tougher. When months pass and her family remains enslaved, Hope relies on a special gift, her father's words and a historic proclamation to help keep faith in her heart.

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Tosh loves his grandma's tea cakes and the story that goes with them. But what happens when she starts forgetting things? Will the tea cakes go away?

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Tea Cakes for Tosh.

How can Ellen honor a tradition as her family marches toward the future? Find out in this Reconstruction-era tale celebrating love and freedom.

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Ellen's Broom.

One Million Men and Me

Experience the beauty, unity and power of the Million Man March in a new light -- through the eyes of a little girl who was with her daddy the day black men made history.

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One Million Men and Me.

NEATE: Eddie's Ordeal Ever feel like your dad just doesn't get you? Welcome to Eddie Delaney's world. Eddie thinks his dad expects too much. His dad thinks Eddie works too little. Will they ever get along?

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