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One Million Men and Me

One of the best parts of being a children's book author is meeting wonderful kids like you.

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Letters from You

Here are a few of the letters sent to me from students at an elementary school in Pittsburgh. There's also a picture drawn by Kevin from an elementary school in Raleigh. Thanks so much for thinking of me.

Happy Reading!

-- Love, Miss Kelly

“Thank you for the book. I like the part when they prayed together. That might stop the fighting around here.”

-- Tayjah

“I love your book One Million Men and Me. I like it when it seys I am one in a million. That was my favorite part.”

-- Kayla

“I enjoyed your book. I like how you use lots of details in your story. I like the part when you said, ‘One million black men. One million black kings.’ I hope you make another one soon."

-- Jahji

“Your book was great and I liked it. I thought the girl was nice. It was cool that you were really there. I thought that when you saw a girl with her dad and then wrote it, that was pretty nice.”

-- Sarah

“Thank you for the wonderfull book. The girl was the only girl in the story. That made it exciting to read.”

-- LaVaughan

“I like the book. It was awesome. I like when they get on the bus. That was cool.”

-- Duan

“Thank you for the books! I MISS YOU! I made a wish on a shooting star you will come back to our school with new books! Everyone loves you. P.S. Bring more books. Let’s have fun.”

-- Julie

Here's Kevin's wonderful picture: